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Big blue sky

In pursuit of the horizon

Dreams without limits. The belief in a better tomorrow. A ragtag team that never gave up. That’s Big Blue Sky Games. We know what we’re up against, and we’re excited to show the world just what is possible up here in the clouds.

Dwarf Jewlcrafter animated character
An illustration of a happy pig with brown and white hair all over and covering eyes

The best is yet to come

Our unconventional squad of untraditional people is on a mission to relentlessly continue to earn your trust. We’re going to make incredible games with safe and welcoming communities, and that requires creating careers, not jobs, by growing our uniquely talented teammates over many years to come.

Upbeat, casual games for contemporary audiences, from a studio you trust to retain the folks traditional developers have passed over, and a company genuinely dedicated to compassionate, inclusive teams and communities – that’s us.

In the news

  • Meet Our Pilots: Dan J

    Whether he’s sharing pictures of his pups or words of wisdom, we’re grateful to have an experienced and caring industry veteran like Dan leading all things Design for BBSG. Thanks for participating today! […]

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  • 2023, A Year In Review

    While the actual date varies, every culture celebrates the start of a new annual cycle, and putting a bow on our first full calendar year here at Big Blue Sky Games feels monumental. […]

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  • Mental Health Awareness + SIOW

    It’s no secret that the gaming industry is incredibly volatile right now, which continues to negatively effect the mental health of game devs that are already dealing with their own issues. In fact, […]

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