About Us

The kind of magic we’re trying to weave requires an entire team of wizards – critically, wizards that consistently take long rests and regain all their spell slots.

What Makes Us Unique

From humble beginnings, we’ve built something special – a meaningfully diverse, distributed group of wildly talented game development professionals working to make games you want to play.

When you go to your favorite restaurant and ask the waiter to surprise you, knowing that everything on the menu is great, they’ve earned your trust. We want to do that with games – to build experiences so memorable, you’re coming back to try whatever else we cook up.


We believe that turnover and burnout are preventing rewarding careers in games – and, in turn, that the quality of games built by folks worried about losing their jobs or crunching constantly is lower than it would be if they felt empowered and protected. To that end, a primary driving motivation for us is to not only attract coworkers our ambitions speak to, but to work actively every day to provide stability for them and their families.

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Diversity and inclusion aren’t buzzwords for us. From day one, we’ve worked to diversify our staff – and while we’re proud of the significant representation we’ve achieved, we also recognize that work never ends.


Our games are for everyone, and they’re built with real life players in mind. We want our games to be approachable for people of all ages and from all walks of life, whether you want to play for 20 hours straight (editor’s note: we do not recommend this) or can only play for 20 minutes.

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Learn more about what we stand for through our Mission, Vision, and Values

The Team

Well hello there! On behalf of our entire crew, welcome aboard Big Blue Sky Games, with service to wondrous new experiences. Please fasten your seat belts, and enjoy your flights of fancy.

Aaron Boulding

Head of Publishing

Point of Origin: Spider-Man’s Neighborhood

Old enough to have enjoyed coin-op arcades but young enough to channel a childhood full of comic books and console games, Aaron leads our studio’s publishing efforts. In his spare time, he puts his boxing training to use on anyone unaware that hot dogs are, in fact, sandwiches.

Casey D

UI Designer

Point of Origin: Honestly, Neopia

In her own words, once Casey had “tasted the sweet nectar of making stuff on the internet and having other people see it,” she was hooked. If you hear her swearing about pastries, it’s actually about her cat, Donut.

Megan stylized headshot


Games Systems Engineer

Point Of Origin: California’s Bosom

It’s unclear whether Megan learned to communicate with people or computers first, but she’s real good with the computers. While she got her start telling the thinking sand how to behave in tiny evil robots, she now uses her powers for good developing video games.

Kate Hovdestad stylized headshot

Kate Hovdestad

Associate Director, Production

Point of Origin: California Mountains

Ask Kate which states she’s lived in – or, if you’re pressed for time, which ones she hasn’t. With over a decade of games industry experience, Kate is excited to build an inclusive and welcoming community for our players to enjoy for years to come.

Kevin Hovdestad stylized headshot

Kevin Hovdestad

Game Director

Point of Origin: Canadian Prairies

After a lengthy career in government and academia, Kevin switched lanes to gaming ages ago and never looked back. Kevin’s entrepreneurial instincts and leadership acumen make him a natural fit as our captain.

Dan Johnson stylized headshot

Dan Johnson

Design Manager

Point of Origin: North and East

The Beatles: Rock Band, BioShock Infinite, Destiny, StarCraft II, and many more titles grace the increasingly improbable list of credits Dan appears in. His design background includes the traditional molecular biology degree, brief barista career, and fondness for small, clever dogs.

Riley Lucero

3D Artist

Point of Origin: Several Beaches

Eyes ever drawn to the skyline, Riley’s urge to explore was best sated in the imaginary worlds brought to life in games. Getting to build new worlds for another generation of dreamers is Riley’s new quest.

Cait M

Community Development Manager

Point of Origin: Lone Star State

Our official hobbit-in-training, Cait hopes to one day enjoy a Tolkienesque cottagecore retirement. Until then, she’s our resident expert at helping rally for marginalized groups in our communities to make them safer and more inclusive for everyone.

Sarah Nuse

Associate Game Engineer

Point of Origin: Hill Country

Crafts, cosplay, creation – if it can be made, Sarah will try. After experimenting with jewelry and bags, she realized developing games was within reach, and there was no looking back. She claims her cat walks her, and we didn’t ask for elaboration.

Kyle O'Connor stylized headshot

Kyle O’Connor

Product Strategy Lead

Point of Origin: South Africa

California troublemaker by way of a brief stint in Portugal, Kyle and his wife live with (his words) their “tiny furry idiot son” Odie. His past lives at IGN, Twitch, and the Overwatch League paved the way for him to start his own business, then succumb to the siren song of ours.

Sara Olson stylized headshot

Sara Olson


Point of Origin: California Beach

Wanderlust, endless consumption of stories, and sapping her mom’s life force by making her clean doodles off of walls defined Sara early on. Her love of fantasy and art have since propelled her into illustrating for tabletop and video games.

Jennifer Roma stylized headshot

Jennifer Roma

Finance Manager

Point of Origin: Florida (Near Crocodiles)

Our resident financial wizard, Jen holds a master’s degree, as well as several degrees of mastery in gardening and scrapbooking. She claims to have loved accounting in high school, which means she is dangerous and not to be trusted.

Tony Roma stylized headshot

Tony Roma


Point of Origin: Forests of Georgia

Tony’s dad was given a GameBoy as a joke, so he tossed it over to Tony – but Tony will get the last laugh as the president of the next great game studio. With any luck, that will also be what finally convinces him to escape Florida.

Loraine S stylized headshot

Loraine S

Art Manager

Point of Origin: The Bull City

Fortunate to have spent her formative years connected to games and technology and to have been supported in pursuing a career in art, Loraine continues to make friends and influence people through her intersectional approach to video game art.

K R Stanfield stylized headshot

Kevin Stanfield

Live Operations Manager

Point of Origin: North of the Wall

After a 20-year broadcast television career, the artist affectionately referred to as Stormfield turned in his TV makeup in favor of making things up. Outside the game design mines, he’s doing his best Ted Lasso impersonation and leveling the field with Category 5 dad jokes.

Crow Tomkus stylized headshot

Crow Tomkus

Narrative Designer

Point of Origin: Arizona Desert

Our resident story nerd, Crow will happily wax eloquent about all the ways in which your favorite fandoms came to be – including quirky trivia and behind-the-scenes notes about that movie you love.

Suriel Vazquez

Narrative Designer

Point of Origin: Mexico City

When the need for words arises, we turn to Suriel to lead them into glorious battle. A former journalist and critic turned full-time writer, Suriel refers to his relationship with some games as a ‘habit’, so we’re working on that.


Big Blue Sky Games is proud to partner with exceptional small businesses to help us achieve our lofty goals. If you like us, then you’ll love the people who helped us get here.

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Branding & Design

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