Mission, Vision, Values

It’s easy to put words on a page and say, “This is who we are.” In truth, Big Blue Sky Games wouldn’t exist if our experience hadn’t consistently been that companies show you who they are through their actions.

We still took the time to ask – if, through our actions, we could embody what we want to do differently, how would we explain our goals to the people that join us and continue this journey?

If we have succeeded in showing you who we are, we hope that it will reflect these intentionally lofty objectives:

OUR MISSION: To create wondrous experiences that bring people together.

OUR VISION: A future where supportive, empathic communities thrive around shared sources of joy.


  • RESPECT – we focus on our wellness and treat people with dignity
  • CREATIVITY – we have space to experiment as we bring inspired ideas to life
  • COLLABORATION – we celebrate the diverse experiences and perspectives that fuel our process
  • POTENTIAL – we prioritize helping each other grow
  • COMPASSION – we are considerate of everyone our work touches

We are determined to ceaselessly challenge ourselves and each other to be better in all of these ways and more. Progress and improvement are a journey – one we are excited to be on together.