Games with LGBTQIA Representation

We know, we said the Games We Love series was over – but it’s Pride Month, so let’s squeeze in one final entry. Or maybe this is just a free, post-series DLC? Who knows!

What we do know is that we love queer representation that allows us to see ourselves in a form of media that’s important to us (games!). Representation should never stop at just sexual orientation or gender identity, but these games give us the joy of seeing queer characters and stories:

Dragon Age: InquisitionUnpackingGuild Wars 2Undertale
PotionomicsNight in the WoodsCelesteHades
Disco ElysiumNeopetsLife is StrangePrincess Farmer

There are some repeats here because the representation in these games play such a big role in why they’re so beloved to us – which is why we want you, and ourselves, reflected in our games. We want you to feel seen, heard, appreciated, and supported.

One day, we hope to see our games on lists just like this.

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