The Games We Love

Mapping our journey forward often entails looking back at where we’ve come from. As players and later developers, the road we’ve traveled was windy and LONG. We asked our team to share examples of the games that were their all-time favorites, most played, current obsessions, and that they think are underappreciated gems. We’re excited to share our own new worlds with you, but until then, we thought it would be fun to look in the rear-view mirror at the games that have inspired us.

This list of titles represents a great cross-section of the games and franchises we consider our all-time favorites. A wide variety of games were suggested, but ultimately, they were almost all games with near-infinite depth or high replayability.

World of WarcraftMinecraftSkyrimSecret of ManaTIE Fighter
StarCraft IIFinal FantasyWarcraftOverwatchPokemon
Dragon Warrior Monsters 2Guild Wars 2Super Smash BrosLeague of LegendsCivilization
JourneyHorizon Zero DawnLegend of ZeldaAlien IsolationUnravel
DiabloDisco ElysiumYakuza 0Jet Set RadioMonster Hunter

These two concepts – depth and replayability – have helped us to define the games we want to make, and you can expect to see them as foundational pillars of our upcoming titles. We believe that you should be able to pick up a game and play at your own pace and in the way you want to play. Hardcore completionist? Perfect, there’s something here for you. Casual player looking for a way to relax? Pull up a seat! Games are for everyone, and that will be reflected in our path forward.

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