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The Kinds of Games We Want to Make

While a big part of our DNA is building a great company and team, at the end of the day, our raison d’etre is to create memorable play experiences. So, what exactly can you expect from Big Blue Sky Games? In a word, we want to make games that are inspirational.

When we say inspirational, what we mean are games that people have genuine emotional responses to – games where you get lost in a hopeful storyline, engage with a unique puzzle, or maintain friendships across time and space. We’re going everywhere and anywhere, rather than being all in on a single genre or lone franchise or setting, and we’re excited to take you on a dizzying array of distinct journeys.

We’re going to explore new ideas that you haven’t seen considered in other games, whether that’s through our gameplay or the stories we tell. We’re as tired of the tropes as you are, and we’d love to play games that approach the things that excite us from entirely new angles.

Let’s talk about settings. Whether it’s a fantasy world, a fictional dystopia, a parallel universe, or science fiction, setting often defines a lot of what makes a story (or a game) interesting. We love these conceits, but a lot of them fall back on the same thoroughly trodden ground. There’s nothing wrong with slinging spells, swinging swords, or shooting spaceships, but we’re always left wanting more – wondering what else exists in these places. What kind of cultural experiences do they have? What is their relationship with the food they eat? What are the sports and recreational activities they enjoy when everything isn’t fight, fight, fight all the time?

To be clear, every story includes conflict. We will take on complex themes and challenge our players to sit with tough topics at times, but we can do that while simultaneously breaking new ground and forging our own paths. Spice things up and try a new flavor with us – you might be surprised to discover you love something you never knew you never knew.

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