Our Most Played Games

We’ve already shared our All-Time Favorite Games – a list that varied wildly in genre and generation, but where every entrant shared two common traits: depth and replayability. Today, we’re sharing the games that have consumed the most hours of our lives. Surprising no one, replayability is again a highlight, but these are predominantly games that do not rely on graphical realism, instead leaning on highly stylized art and the depth of their mechanics.

World of WarcraftRocket LeagueLeague of LegendsHearthstoneStarCraft II
Final Fantasy XIVStardew ValleyGuild Wars 2PokemonFinal Fantasy Tactics
Total War: Warhammer IIDiablo 3Borderlands 2EverQuestEverQuest II
PhasmophobiaCyberpunk 2077Monster Hunter WorldCivilization VDragon Age: Inquisition

The game listed most often was World of Warcraft, which is as much an indication of our team’s age demographic as it is the popularity of the game. Everything on this list has a unique art style that is supported by deeply interesting gameplay mechanics that provide near infinite replayability. There’s something special about a world you can live in for thousands of hours and years at a time, and we hope to build worlds that deliver on that opportunity for players one day, too.

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