Underappreciated Gaming Gems

The final entry in our Games We Love series has arrived and we’re excited to share the games our team thinks are underappreciated gems. Now, this doesn’t mean that these games haven’t been heard of or weren’t commercial successes, just that we believe these games deserve even more recognition than they’ve already received!

Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Simulation Games
by Kairosoft
Dragon Warrior Monsters 2Warhammer 40K GladiusHeat Signature
Dead CellsLoop Hero.hack// Series
InsideEastshadeSummer in Mara

What a diverse array of games! If you wanted a game to pour some time into a game that might resemble what we’re making, check out the simulation games by Kairosoft. Those games are filled with hidden charm, interesting and joyous gameplay loops, unique art styles, and give players the ability to experience a story while also helping steer it.

Those are the type of games we are looking to make – games you can pour as much time into as you want, feel rewarded for your efforts, and shape your own narrative experiences!

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