Current Gaming Obsessions 

We’re living through a golden age in video games! It seems like every few days a new game drops that has people shouting from the rooftops to get more people playing it, and we’re no different here at BBSG. We’ve previously shared our All-Time Favorite Games and our Most Played Games, and today we are here to share the games we are currently OBSESSED with.

Marvel SnapOverwatch 2Genshin ImpactOobletsAge of Empires II
MechWarrior 5: MercenariesNo Man’s SkyRailway EmpireCities: SkylinesHearts of Iron 4
Horizon Forbidden WestKing’s ChoiceRhythm GamingPokémonFire Emblem Engage

At the very top of the list is Marvel Snap, which a good chunk of our team is playing right now (we had to wait for them to squeeze in just one more round before they submitted their answers to our survey!). We also see some older hits make an appearance like Age of Empires II, and entire genres like rhythm games and the Pokémon series.

The common trait among our current gaming obsessions is a familiar one that has made appearances in our previous posts, and that’s the depth of these games’ mechanics. Along with deep mechanics, our current obsessions also allow us to have meaningful play sessions regardless of the time invested per session. Want to hop in and play two quick games of Marvel Snap? Easy, and you can do so feeling accomplished afterward. Want to unlock the mysteries of an alien world but only have an hour to do so? No Man’s Sky or Horizon Forbidden West are the games for you.

When it comes to video games, you shouldn’t be punished for choosing to play how you want to spend your time playing. Whether it’s 15 minutes or an 8-hour marathon session, we believe you should be rewarded for the time you’ve invested.

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