Nothing But a Big Blue Sky

September 22, 2022
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An adventurous team coming at the industry with a fresh perspective

Sept. 22, 2022—A newly assembled crew of veterans and up-and-comers have banded together and are excited to officially announce the formation of Big Blue Sky Games.

The studio’s philosophy that preventing crunch and burnout through a significant focus on retention comes at a time when turnover, layoffs, and worse dominate the gaming industry’s headlines.

“Being given the opportunity to build out a brand-new game studio where even our investors are genuinely concerned with ensuring we retain our people and create lasting, stable careers is a real privilege,” says Kevin Hovdestad, the studio’s game director. “From day one, we’ve been able to work towards establishing a meaningfully diverse team and prioritizing our people.”

Over time, Big Blue Sky Games intends to scale up from its initial roster of 11 part- and full-time personnel, with financial and administrative support from the Roma family.

“The vision we have for what’s possible in games when people don’t have to worry about uprooting their families to change jobs constantly is really special,” says President Tony Roma. “We’re excited to build great games, but our number one priority is building a company and a culture that values finding, growing, and retaining great developers.”

Big Blue Sky Games is aiming to launch their first title in 2024. For more information on the studio, visit their official website.

About Big Blue Sky Games

Founded in 2022, Big Blue Sky Games is the result of a vision that the best possible video games will always be the products of stable teams of diverse professionals. With a unique and specific focus on providing opportunities to branch out, learn, and grow, Big Blue Sky Games believes every game developer should have a career-long chance to improve, and we are making that a reality for our people.

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