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There’s always something new and exciting happening up in the Big Blue Sky, but don’t just take our word for it – take a whole bunch of our words.

  • Our Stance on AI

    As a team, we have had several long and difficult conversations about the place that generative AI tools will ultimately have in video game development. The technology is incredibly powerful and may unlock […]

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  • Underappreciated Gaming Gems

    The final entry in our Games We Love series has arrived and we’re excited to share the games our team thinks are underappreciated gems. Now, this doesn’t mean that these games haven’t been […]

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  • Current Gaming Obsessions 

    We’re living through a golden age in video games! It seems like every few days a new game drops that has people shouting from the rooftops to get more people playing it, and […]

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  • Our Most Played Games

    We’ve already shared our All-Time Favorite Games – a list that varied wildly in genre and generation, but where every entrant shared two common traits: depth and replayability. Today, we’re sharing the games […]

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  • The Games We Love

    Mapping our journey forward often entails looking back at where we’ve come from. As players and later developers, the road we’ve traveled was windy and LONG. We asked our team to share examples […]

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  • Our Side Project Policy

    A big (blue) part of what Big Blue Sky Games is comes from the fact that we’re extraordinarily fortunate to have a dedicated team of creative professionals working for us. Keeping that creative […]

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  • Nothing But a Big Blue Sky

    A newly assembled crew of veterans and up-and-comers have banded together and are excited to officially announce the formation of Big Blue Sky Games.

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  • Elforc character sketch

    The Kinds of Games We Want to Make

    While a big part of our DNA is building a great company and team, at the end of the day, our raison d’etre is to create memorable play experiences.

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  • Corkgnome character sketch


    At Big Blue Sky Games, we’re committed to developing careers, not just games. We believe high quality work comes from well-rested professionals…

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